Dave’s Fables: Pricing Isn’t Everything

phoneMy budget is not realistic – my equipment isn’t as new – the market is tough…how often do you make excuses these days for underperformance?

Given the multitude of communication channels available to consumers these days to make inquiries and decisions, the telephone still remains the life blood for most businesses. Your team members are the key to finding out what is most important, and then offer a personalized solution. 

Managers, take a moment out of your day to listen to your team interact on the telephone.  Specifically focus your attention to these four “Do They” and two “Do I” questions:

  • “Do they” have the tools to quickly gain trust within the first few seconds?
  • “Do they” effectively identify needs?
  • “Do they” create a customized value offering, created specific to those needs, before quoting opportunity?
  • “Do they” ask for the commitment and have the tools to effectively manage resistance?
  • “Do I” only get involved when there is a problem?
  • “Do I” have a plan to help my team become more successful?

If adherence to these sales basics is a struggle for your team, you’re leaving money on the table. What’s the excuse for that?

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