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Ohio CAT

Ohio Cat was looking for consistency across their organization and equipment rental business units. Their goal was to ensure their customers would receive the same legendary service regardless of which location they used. They understood that when the customer receives service exceeding their expectations, business will increase accordingly.

As Ohio CAT’s business was evolving and the need to add new employees increased, they realized specialty training was required to get them to an elevated level of customer service. They also realized an opportunity was available to train their seasoned team members as well. The primary group for training were their rental coordinators, and their focus was on what messages they were conveying to customers and what was the final result of each interaction.

Signature Worldwide recommended a program that featured Quality Assurance calls, Coaching on Demand, and a monthly engagement report where team members would get the opportunity to learn, interact and roleplay through the customer interaction situations. By using the legendary service formula as a guideline, managers were able to gather information from the QA calls and reports that were highly valuable when communicating with their teams how to elevate the customer experience.

Having a monthly reinforcement program allowing them to continually develop and measure skills learned in the initial training proved to be the key element toward driving Ohio Cat’s employee growth and customer satisfaction. Signature helped Ohio Cat communicate the message of improved customer experience throughout the organization, enhancing Ohio Cat’s reputation for outstanding customer service.

Signature is a fantastic company, and has become a true partner in helping us focus on the customer experience. We have worked with Signature 10+ years to develop our new inside sales staff along with continued development of our more experienced employees. Practicing Signature’s proven methods has enabled us to provide our customers a higher standard of customer service.

Dorrie Fryman

Rental Store Operations Manager Ohio Cat OH

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