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Milton CAT

As a leader in the equipment rental industry, Milton CAT has the vision to be the best solution provider in the area when it comes to parts, rental, and service. To capture more business, they realized the need to develop longer- term customer relationships while incorporating personality to the transaction. It was important to streamline a consistent message across the rental locations without associates continually sounding robotic to the client on the other side of the phone.

Following an assessment exercise with members of Milton CAT, Signature Worldwide delivered on-site training for all Milton Cat Parts counter agents at their 12 locations. Following the training deliveries, a focused training reinforcement program was put in place. This included Quality Assurance calls, Coaching-on-Demand, and yearly refresher training sessions to drive ongoing development.

The skills learned from Signature’s training are now part of Milton Cat’s internal culture. Milton Cat. When a customer calls Milton Cat, any of their 50+ counter agents begin with the same consistent greeting, welcoming the customer. Throughout the call, each of their individual personalities shine through as they utilize the skills and behaviors learned to provide the customer with solutions in a professional and polished manner. Milton Cat employees enjoy that they can call Signature’s Coaching-On-Demand whenever convenient and Signature’s coaches are available and ready to help.

We have 50 Parts Counter Agents in 12 locations across 6 states and we are able to offer the same level of best-in-class customer service at each of our branches and by each of our agents due to our partnership with Signature Worldwide. The Signature process allows our agents to maintain their own unique personalities, and at the same time provide a consistent customer service experience throughout our territory. The Signature website portal allows supervisors and managers to track quality assurance calls by individual agents or by branches, and Signature’s on-demand professional coaches give our agents the opportunity to sharpen their customer service skills at their own convenience.

Joshua Brock

Parts Department Trainer Milton Cat NY, ME, RI, NH, MA, VT

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