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Make a positive impact on every interaction, with Signature's Partners in Wellness™ program.

Improve your service standards, build relationships, and secure more business when you train employees with Signature Worldwide's Partners in Wellness program.

The first step for many of your patients is the phone call. They need help and often that help begins with that call to your facility.

However, what happens during that phone call? Is your intake team focused on the needs of the caller, asking the right questions, and inviting them in for an appointment? Are they empathetic, focused, and professional?

Signature’s Partners in Wellness™ is a customized program for your industry that teaches the skills required to create that exceptional experience. Signature has been partnering with our clients since 1986 to build value and advance relationships through creative and interactive training and reinforcement programs.

What to expect with Signature's Partners in Wellness course:

Partners in Wellness is a fun, unique, and empowering training solution that provides participants the skills, motivation, and support they need to make every customer encounter a positive one. Through a variety of techniques including breakout sessions and role-plays your team will learn how to:

  • Quickly assess the caller’s needs and provide value once it is determined your organization can help them.
  • Build a trusting relationship through empathy and professionalism.
  • Convert the call into an appointment.

This is more than a training event. It’s a proven system that builds trust and value in your services, increases conversion rates, and enhances your company’s reputation. How?

  • We start with a thorough assessment and tailor the program to your needs.
  • We conduct a dynamic and engaging training event – either on-site or virtual.
  • We support skill development with options for personalized coaching and mystery shopping.
  • We provide web-based management reports that help you drive performance.

Hear for Yourself

This training does make a difference. We use practical and creative techniques to help participants quickly adopt these new skills. One of the techniques is listening to phone calls that are made to your facility by our shoppers.

Have you tried this – the results will fascinate you. Click to hear an example of a call made to your industry (please note: even though it is a shopping call, any personnel information has been edited so the recording may jump at times).

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Partners in Wellness™

Give your intake team, supervisors and managers the skills and tools needed to focus on patient needs, ask the right questions and invite them in for an appointment.

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