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Mustang CAT provides parts, rental and service to customers in agriculture, forestry, heavy construction, heavy trucking, petroleum, waste management, marine, government and many other industrial markets. This landmark Texas company has 17 locations across the state and serves as a one stop shop for equipment rental and replacement parts.

Like many large organizations, Mustang faced everyday challenges in completing the customer experience journey and most of those challenges derived from one thing: Communication. The ability to communicate well drives all processes across all departments and having a consistent message determines how successful you are as a company. The question was simple. How do you measure communication?

The leadership team at Mustang knew customer service measurement scores were not meeting their expectations, so they contacted Signature Worldwide based on Signature’s reputation for developing legendary customer service skills. During the initial call to Signature’s team, Mustang’s management were able to share the challenges they were experiencing, including a lack of ownership by employees, inconsistent customer service standards, and poor employee satisfaction scores. They were looking for a partner to provide a customized training and reinforcement program to drive a new customer service initiative named “Customer First”.

Given the scope of Mustang’s needs, Signature determined the best strategy was to integrate several training programs, and developed a long-term plan to educate the customer-facing employees across multiple Mustang Cat departments. Signature’s 3 Pillars approach for producing results (Assessment, Training, Reinforcement) was used to establish the customized solution.

The reinforcement program designed by Signature included the use of Quality Assurrance Calls, monthly Customer Experience Training sessions, Leadership Program Driver meetings, Coaching-On-Demand, coaching for managers, customized monthly performance and engagement reporting, and targeted micro-learning for all employees based on their respective training program.

Signature’s Account Management Team and dedicated Account Manager worked closely with Mustang leadership to successfully implement the program, leading to Mustang’s goals for customer service being met.

Signature’s Group Program Driver sessions were the game changer for Kenny Wasson (VP of Customer Experience) and he was pleasantly surprised how employee engagement and NPS scores improved rapidly in the month following training.

In our 20-plus year partnership, Signature has helped develop many of our counter reps into some of the very best in the industry. Every employee at Signature has been instrumental in that improvement from the top management, to our account representative, to the interviewers and analysist that listen to the transactions with the customer and help our managers & supervisors coaching their people taking the incoming calls. Their focus and Mustang’s focus are on providing “Customer 1st” service with every call.

Kenny Wason

V.P. Customer Experience Mustang Cat TX

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