Heavy Equipment Field Service Training

Customer Service Training for Equipment Field Service and Delivery Staff

Field service and delivery staff are your ambassadors. Often, they are the face of your company - valued staff members that can make or break the client relationship. Provide them the skills needed to put the customer first, so they can further build your reputation and increase retention.

Equipment Edge™ Field Service at the job site is a unique training program that demonstrates the why and the how of providing legendary service at the customer's location. This interactive program provides your team with the skills and tools needed to deliver an exceptional level of service that is focused on the customer's needs - regardless of the situation.

Signature Worldwide's interactive training program will help:

  • Build consistency in service delivered at the customer's location
  • Develop standards that help guide your team through an exceptional customer interaction
  • Identify sales and rental opportunities and pass them along
  • Diffuse potentially confrontational situations
  • Strengthen relationships with your customers resulting in more referrals and greater retention.

Our on-site training program consists of several modules that will not only be inspiring and fun, but drive training that sticks! These modules include:

Legendary Service
Characteristics of excellent customer service for the equipment industry are reviewed and ways to create a legendary impression are discussed

What's in it for Everyone
Benefits to delivering great service are reviewed - benefits to the employee, customer and company

Standards for Success
Set of service standards established around personal appearance, communication, sales and problem solving

Differentiating the Experience
Customer contact points and ways to improve customer interactions are identified

It Takes Team Work
Survey the job site and speak with customers to identify potential sales and rental opportunities and strategies

Who is the Customer?
Four common communication/personality styles are analyzed in order to improve communication among team members and customers

And because Equipment Edge™ Field Service is specially designed to change employee behavior and create lasting improvement, Signature Worldwide offers a variety of reinforcement and sustainment tools including ongoing training and customer surveys.

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Equipment Edge™ Field Service

Provide your field service team the skills and tools needed to deliver a consistent experience to customers in the field as well as develop standards for how to handle specific situations and interactions.

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