Coaching for performance Manager & supervisor training.

An ability to deliver feedback by a manager confidently to motivate and inspire will result in an employee valuing regular guidance as useful and meaningful.

Some of our Coaching for Performance Training clients include:


How comfortable are your supervisors in delivering feedback?

Coaching for Performance™ is a highly innovative course that focuses on the ability of the leader to coach their employees effectively. Coaching consists of an ongoing cycle of planning, feedback, reviewing, developing, and rewarding. Without all five of these elements, managers will not be able to build and sustain a high-performance team.

The Coaching for Performance™  program develops confident managers that can provide timely and effective feedback for employee development which ultimately will:

  • Drive performance
  • Provide clarity and direction on responsibilities
  • Increase motivation
  • Build trust
  • Solidify impressions that management is consistent and fair
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Manager and supervisor training to help drive employee performance

All too often, managers find it difficult to influence employee development because they:

  • Don't know how to deliver feedback
  • Don't know when to deliver feedback
  • Feel uncomfortable delivering negative feedback so they avoid it
  • In general, lack the tools necessary for success

Providing feedback to develop employees is the job of every manager with direct reports.

A less than optimal coaching approach could hinder, or even worse undermine, your goal. Successful management requires good communication.


We have skill development for managers and supervisors no matter if they are newly promoted or experienced in leading teams. Our training solutions emphasizes the importance of a manager’s role in employee development and offers tangible, easy to use tools to be a leader who Coaches For Performance.  Providing effective, meaningful feedback that motivates employees to improve, while using recognition strategies to reward and empower drives performance.  And, if your management team has a gap in delivering quality persuasive presentations necessary for communicating among your functional teams, Signature has a course specific to building confidence as a presenter to deliver impactful presentations.  Signature’s course for managers and supervisors are based on engaging and dynamic facilitation that keeps everyone engaged as they learn new skills and begin to galvanize those skills through interaction and roleplay.  After our manager and supervisor training, your team will be able to apply their new skills and behaviors the very next day.

Testimonials Reasons to Love Us

See why our clients value what we do, in their own words.



“The biggest value is my own personal accountability; this has given me an avenue to continuously remind myself to take care of my people, to not let the good people go forgotten, and to get on a schedule of recurring coaching with my team.”

Jonathan Sanders
Director of Operations Support
Resilux America

“The Coaching for Performance training has been great. It's opened my eyes to different ways to manage and approach scenarios. My coach has helped me with real life management issues I've had to deal with personally. I've used a lot of the skills learned in my everyday conversations.”

Amanda Moore
Human Resources Manager
Resilux America

“I enjoy the positive spin we put on coaching. It is very useful to give the employee clear expectations, and directions. I have used this training multiple times and it has always been very positive.”

Mike Kieffer
Parts Manager
Lift, Inc.

“It's given me insight to things I may not have thought of before in managing my team.”

Nicole Miller
Productivity Manager / Employee Development
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