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Improve service and delight customers with Casino Edge™, Casino Customer Service Training

From the gaming floor to the casino restaurants, to the box office our casino training, Casino Edge™, encourages employees to embrace a customer-centric culture where your guests can be assured of an exceptional experience. Casino Edge™ is customer service training that teaches your entire staff how to inspire guests to stay longer, play more, and enjoy your casino's activities.

Using Signature Worldwide's proprietary Magic Formula for delivering exceptional customer service, Casino Edge™ training will start your guest's experience off right from their first telephone call to inquire about reservations.  We will train your call center agents to ask more questions to determine what is really important to your guests.  Once your agents understand the guest's priorities, they will be in a better position to sell your unique attributes.  We also give your call center agents the confidence in your product to proactively ask for the business, turning previously passive order takers into proactive sales professionals.

Our casino training extends far beyond the call center.  We have designed programs to turn your valet staff into an engaging and welcoming first impression for your guests.  We can do the same for your bell staff, front office agents, casino hosts, spa employees, and employees across the gaming floor.

More than customer service training, we turn your casino employees into top-level customer service providers.

At the end of our first day of training, your casino staff will have the confidence to act on any guest request. Through our engaging training process, your staff will realize that by engaging the guest and acting immediately on requests, they can help that guest while creating lasting customer satisfaction. Your employees feel more like service providers than problem solvers. What could that mean for your customer service scores and return business?

Through a variety of techniques, including role-playing, employees will learn when, how, and why to:

  • Establish customer rapport
  • Identify customer needs
  • Act on customer requests in a service-minded manner
  • Handle challenging situations

Customer service that lasts.

The day after almost any training, your staff will want to use their newly acquired skills, but more often than not, fall back into their old habits. That's why Signature Worldwide's program continues long after our trainer leaves your casino. Immediately after training, we will implement mystery shopping procedures to ensure the skills learned are being put in practice on the job. A few months later, our trainer returns to your casino to reinforce the skills learned and raise your staff to the next level in customer service delivery.

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Casino Edge™

Differentiate your casino from competitors by elevating every customer interaction into positive experiences so guests stay longer and play more to increase house revenue.

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