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Signature Worldwide is well known for our telephone mystery shopping program. We developed it shortly after we began the company because we realized that training without reinforcement was not effective in changing behaviors long term. We created our telephone mystery shopping program to support our training programs. A combination of training, mystery shopping and measurement all contribute to our client’s success.

Why is Signature Worldwide one of the best mystery shopping companies?

Signature Worldwide is a leader in telephone mystery shop providers. Whenever there is a potential sale to be made over the phone, Signature Worldwide’s role is to improve that interaction to increase your conversion rates. Whether you are selling rental equipment, hotel rooms or home care appointments, we can help make your people sound better, sell the value of your business better and overcome resistance to encourage more purchasing decisions through our mystery shopping services.

Whether we provide your employees training, or you provide the training yourself, your staff should have a clear idea of what is expected of them. Telephone mystery shopping, Signature Worldwide style, allows both you and your employees to recognize what needs to be changed, where they are excelling and how responsive they are to your callers.

How our telephone mystery shopping works:

We have a call center based in Dublin, OH with over 100 agents who place over 35,000 mystery calls a month to various businesses worldwide. Each conversation is recorded, and then sent to a separate group of employees who score the calls. We have found our accuracy and call quality is improved when we assign a separate shopper and scorer and so we have made it a mandatory part of our process. Our scoring is based on a list of criteria we jointly design with our clients. The last step of the process is that we incorporate the scores and the recorded calls into our online reporting site. Our clients are able to review their calls, look for areas of excellence as well was areas of opportunity based on actual call reports and trends, not some arbitrary conversation they may have overheard.

We make it easy for you to hear the impact of your training, and most importantly what your guests or customers are experiencing when they call your business to try and spend money with you. Are your employees making it easy or difficult for that caller to do business with you? Who are your role models? Which employees need help?

You can receive notification via email of your shopping call results after each call, or just log on to Ascend, our online reporting system, to view your reports once or twice a month. We keep the past 18 months of calls results available for you. You can see how an individual employee has performed, a single location, a group of locations or your entire organization at a glance.

We have created a dashboard for you to see at a glance your progress month to day, your top five skills used, and your bottom five.

Mystery shopping programs are most successful when they are used to catch employees doing a great job and rewarding them.

We have a built-in recognition system. If one of your employees receives a perfect score, you can automatically send them a perfect score certificate. We make it easy for you to recognize and reward the behaviors you want repeated. Most of our clients tie an incentive program to these shopping scores to encourage their employees to use their skills on each and every call. There is a direct correlation between increasing scores on our mystery shopping and increases in revenues for our clients.

Scoring Recorded Calls

In addition to performing and scoring mystery shop calls, Signature also provides scoring of recorded, real customer calls. Signature has partnered with Nextiva, the country’s leading cloud-based communication company, to provide clients the highest rated industry service for recording your incoming customer phone calls.

If your existing phone system is already set up to record calls, Signature can upload these calls into our Ascend Reporting system for scoring by our team. The recorded calls, scoring results, and detailed reporting and trending are then easily available to everyone on your team.

We currently perform mystery shops and score recorded customer calls for client companies in the following industries:

  • Heavy Equipment rental, service, and parts
  • Construction rental Manufacturers
  • Behavioral health centers
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Casinos and Spas
  • Apartment Leasing
  • Assisted living communities
  • Party rental
  • Medical offices
  • Government agencies
  • Restaurants
  • Diet centers

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