Use a Business Compass to Chart Your Company’s Course

compass.jpgSailors charting a course are like business leaders forecasting customer behavior. Mariners deal with unpredictable conditions that require sharp navigational skills and instincts to make quick course corrections – sound familiar?

A compass used to navigate

While sailors rely on several tools, a compass keeps them on a set heading. Corporate leaders similarly use a wide variety of financial reports and operational data to evaluate conditions. But consider what tool helps you with where you are going; not where you’ve been.

“The compass always seeks the truth.” ~ Christopher Columbus

Business “captains” improve decision-making when they have an accurate and complete picture of what is happening in their market. As quickly as tides change, a current and relevant market survey analysis can help develop a plan to steer through uncharted waters. Market research can help you take the helm with unbiased, reliable data to formulate strategies around short term sales and marketing efforts, or to refocus on customer service initiatives.

One great tool that can help you set an ideal heading is Signature’s Market Survey Analysis service. Not familiar with it? In a nutshell, you tell us what you want to learn from, or about your customers (or your competitors) and we create a custom survey, and then implement. Once completed we roll the data up into a nice package and deliver it – making it effortless for you to “chart your next course”! Signature’s Market Survey Analysis puts you in a solid position with qualitative or quantitative information (depending on what data is currently most meaningful) to help you make informed and confident decisions that will strategically impact your business.

Focus your time

Like sailors faced with immediate threats requiring course corrections and sail adjustments, business managers and employees at many organizations have similarly felt an influx of urgent demands and responsibilities requiring they multitask at an unprecedented level. Likely no one has the time, inclination or expertise to complete a thorough market survey; however consider your focus without it. Relevant market data will provide insights that will direct your upcoming business and actions. This knowledge will help your team prioritize needs and plans so you can all maximize your time.

It’s straightforward and cost-efficient

Your Signature survey is created from what is important to you. It only takes a couple of informational exchanges (by phone and email) to confirm survey components and then we’ll take it from there. We will make the phone calls, record the data and provide you with a summary report of the details. The investment of intelligence allows you to make decisions that will ultimately recoup the expense.

Do yourself and your crew a favor! Don’t let today’s assumptions drive tomorrow’s strategies. Assure your business the navigational support needed to feel confident about your next “business passage”.

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