Field Service – The Tale of Two Scenarios

field-service.jpgScenario One

The sale has been confirmed, the paperwork is completed, the invoice has been created; and now, last but not least, the equipment needs to be delivered. Many hands have played a part in getting to this point and the customer is happy and confident that he is getting what he needs. The delivery person that is going to the jobsite has been well trained on how to operate the equipment and is very qualified to answer questions for the customer. But what can a delivery person do to further advance the relationship with the customer while at the jobsite?

Scenario Two

The equipment has been delivered and all is well; the customer is happy. It is now day three of using the equipment on the job and the machine won’t start. The customer, who is already behind schedule because of weather, is angry and frustrated. The service technician that goes to the jobsite has been well trained with the technical knowledge to repair the piece of equipment. But what can a field technician do at the jobsite to diffuse the customer’s anger, gain back their trust, and reaffirm to that customer that they made the right decision in choosing to do business with your company?

I have described two very different scenarios that your Field Service (service technicians & delivery drivers) personnel experience on a regular basis. However, these two scenarios have one very important thing in common – opportunity. Your field service team has the power to make or break the customer experience. As a result of their interaction with the customer, the customer may never want to do business with you again or they may only want to do business with you moving forward.

Think, for a moment, about the possible outcomes of both of these scenarios. What does it tell you about the importance of the role your Field Service employees play in your company? The value these individuals bring to your company is immeasurable. When they present themselves to the customer they are the ambassadors of your core values; the face of your company. They need to be the polite and professional gatherers of information; the promoters of your goods and services and the identifiers of additional sales and future opportunities.

We, at Signature Worldwide, believe in putting the customer first – wherever they may be. Our Field Service and Delivery Staff Customer Service Training Program will provide and teach the skills needed to deliver an exceptional experience for your customers. We will develop standards that will guide your team to strengthen customer relationships which, in turn, will ultimately lead to loyal customers who create referrals for your company.

In order to meet your specific training needs, we offer this training program on two different platforms. The first is an on-site training class, where one of our experienced trainers will come to your location and spend a half day with your folks in an engaging and interactive session. The second option is a 3 hour web-class, where again, one of our experienced trainers will conduct that same engaging and interactive session, via the web. With either option, your Field Service staff will understand the importance of their role, not only in their personal success, but in the success of your company. Don’t wait any longer to schedule your training. You will be happy that you made the investment in these folks that play such a critical role within your company.

Please contact Barry Himmel, Senior Vice President of Sales, at 800-398-0518 for more detailed information about our inspiring, fun and results-driven training.

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