Training Sessions Are Like A Box of Chocolates…

I was happy to be part of the hotel makeover project and work with the Four Points by Sheraton in Biloxi.  In doing research about the hotel, I went to their website prior to my training session. This hotel is right on the Gulf of Mexico! What struck me right away is that when you walk in the front door, you can look straight through the lobby to the Gulf.

Every employee makes eye contact and smiles, which lends the feeling of relaxed luxury from every nook and cranny of this hotel. When I got to my room the view continued with views of the beautiful Gulf. I mention this a lot because I have never seen the Gulf before. This certainly is a nice treat for me!

Training sessions are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you are going to get.  As facilitators/trainers we embrace the variety that comes in the box…and you end up with just the right mix. That’s what the sales team at the Four Points Biloxi did for me. This is an energetic, knowledgeable and passionate group and open to learning new skills. They are excited about their hotel product, the advantages their hotel has over the competition, and they are passionate about their hotel and their guests.

Each one brought their own unique hospitality background to light in our Client Centered Sales™ program. The team enjoyed learning new approaches to the sales process and discussing how these skills will work for their particular markets. They each did a great job on their pre training shop calls, so our goal was to kick it up a notch — smooth out some transition phrases, add some verifying questions and “what else can I do for you today” phrases, and we were on a roll!  Kara, Jamie and Fallon thoroughly enjoyed the role play components of the sessions.  They were honest in their critique of each other and it was wonderful to hear their new skills being used.

While this team has always been client centered, adding these new skills to their tool box will put the hotel over the top. I have every confidence that the team will continue to use these new skills and score very well with their follow up shop calls.  Thank you ladies for your energy and enthusiasm and adding to my enjoyment of my first time in Biloxi, Mississippi.

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