Preparing and observing training from an Account Manager’s view

Written by Amanda Herder

It has been a wonderful experience to coordinate each upcoming training event with Kenny Glavan, General Manager, and Kara Adkins, Assistant Sales Manager of the Four Points by Sheraton Biloxi.  With each passing week comes an exciting new training event with one of our many skilled Signature Worldwide trainers.

Just recently, I worked with Kenny and Kara to coordinate their next training event; Service Edge™ training and the introduction to our Signature Worldwide Service Skill Kit™ which was being delivered by our Senior Vice President, Dave Hamilton.  On occasion, we get the opportunity to see “it all come to life” and I had that opportunity and was able to accompany Dave and attend the training event.

It was about as magical as it could get!  Dave got the tables set-up with name tents, participant guides, scented markers, splash balls and noise makers to create a fun learning environment.  Dave had upbeat music playing as the participants walked in the room and you could see their eyes get really big and the excitement on their faces was evident.  Once the participants found their perfect seat, Dave welcomed everyone and introduced himself and started to deliver a fun, inspiring and results-driven training event.

When the majority of your client interactions are over the phone, it’s a whole new experience to meet your clients face-to-face.  Spending time in Biloxi not only gave me the opportunity to “put a name with a face” but it also gave me the opportunity to see the participant’s faces as the “ah ha!” moments hit them and the light bulbs went on above their heads.

From the eyes of an Account Manager, the Four Points by Sheraton Biloxi could not have been more engaged and receptive of the training that Dave provided for them.  As people left the room, it was great to hear remarks like, “That was the best training I ever had”, “He was a great trainer who explained things well” and “What an awesome training event!”

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