The Phone is Ringing – Now What?

caller.jpgWhen someone calls your organization and inquires about your services, how important is that call and what is the objective of the call? Is it to:

  1. create a great first impression that puts the caller at ease and lets them know they called the right place?
  2. build a relationship of trust and demonstrate that you can provide services to help them?
  3. take the call to the next level and set an appointment for the caller to visit your facility?

If you are like other clients who are in your industry, it is all of the above and probably more. You ask a lot of your intake team as they service those callers. However, in reviewing these objectives, how many of them are you accomplishing and is your staff trained to accomplish them?

When someone is inquiring about your services, that is a good thing. You are there to help and that job is important. What typically happens is the staff member answers the phone and is generally polite and informational. They are often focused on the operational aspect of the call such as what insurance they have and if it is a referral. What your caller really wants to know is if you can help them!

The success of this intake call often determines the next step in the process such as will they come in for an appointment. Your team needs to be proactive and focused on asking the right questions and serving the caller in a professional and caring manner. Not to be overly dramatic, but that phone call as it applies to the behavioral health industry, could be one of the most important calls the caller has ever made and your employees need to treat it that way.

The Signature training program is designed to provide your team the skills to better manage that incoming call and service the needs of the caller. It can help improve your rate of converting that call to an appointment – we have seen some of our customers move from a 20% to 60% conversion rate. That is significant!

We help implement an easy to use process that guides your team through the call to help you accomplish the objectives and build value in every interaction. Don’t leave that inquiry call to chance – take the steps to provide your team the skills to consistently service your clients in a manner that enhances your reputation and your business.


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