Taking Learning Out of the Classroom and Into the Workplace

The second part to our service training is what we refer to as skill kit training.  We provide managers and supervisors the tools to have a conversation about service with their staffs every day.   Service isn’t something you can focus on for a day and move on, it needs to stay alive long after the class has ended.

Think of our skill kits as a tool box that will enable you to continue to build your service culture year round.  Managers can use these five minute mini service activities as daily shift meetings, at department meetings, and even in one on one coaching with their employees.

In the training session, we provide the skill kits but then we spend time practicing the delivery of these kits.  Sometimes the activity is a story, sometimes it is a quote, sometimes it is simply a question for the group to ponder.  Every activity points back to one of the service elements everyone committed to bringing to life in the first service edge class.

Its important that once you deliver training in a classroom setting, that you continue to reinforce it every single day with your staff.  Otherwise you are telling them it doesn’t really matter to you.  However, if they go through the training and they see you talking about the skills the next day – and the next week – and the next month – pretty soon it simply becomes a part of your culture.  Take a look at this video to see an example of a supervisor practicing the delivery of a skill kit activity.

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