Dave’s Fables: SHARE. Introducing Our New Blogger Series

shareCommon myths that have been around for decades are…the Cobbler wears the worst shoes and Doctors make the worst patients. What’s not a myth is that trainers and teachers make excellent students.

My biggest “hospitality blessing” was to have a father who chose the career as an Innkeeper. Years ago as I contemplating my professional career I asked my dad what would give me a leg up on the multitude of fellow job seekers. His reply was simple and powerful: “Never believe that you have seen or heard it all, it’s the fastest way to becoming old news.” Then he said this simple one simple word…SHARE.

At Signature we deliver sales, service and leadership training; it’s what we do every day. This means that daily we get to talk to hundreds of leaders and future leaders that are working on the frontline, experiencing and providing the most contemporary tips, techniques, and solid solutions that are reinterpreting the ROI of great customer service.

This blogger series is designed to SHARE the real deal — sharing what’s working and innovative in the global hospitality community that is maximizing the guest experience. We have invited a number of industry leaders to share their thoughts in the form of blog postings and you will see those contributions appearing over the course of the next several months. If you have a great idea that you would like to share with us, we also invite you to become part of this series that can make a difference in our industry.

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