Dave’s Fables: Relationship Starting Point

describe the imageOne Split Second! That’s how long it takes someone to form a “relationship starting point” or RSP.

From a distance, customers start forming or assuming all kinds of opinions about you and the organization that you represent.  At the bank, grocery store, the mall – I’m sure you have heard a friend say…“That person had a good vibe!” or “I was creeped-out from the start!”

There’s not a standard science used when forming an RSP…there’s some instantaneous logarithmical formula we humans use. We somehow weight our past on experiences: approachability, the environment, confidence, even smell plays a part. In a flash, we have our relationship starting point.

My advice for relationship success is to remember you are always on stage and you never know who is around you. I have seen positive change happen to many, when they least expect it!  Stand up straight and look opportunity in the eye. 

Do not forget – body language is a two-way street!  Focus your senses on the customer. Their body language will give you information you can use to provide better assistance to them. Use this unspoken language to your advantage – a “relationship starting point” only happens once!

It’s the little things that give you the competitive advantage…both personally and professionally.

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