Customer Service Skills Improve with Better Customer Service Training

Training Magazine LogoCreating an excellent customer service experience starts with providing better customer service training.  Customer service skills are about more than good manners!  In fact, it takes daily education and reinforcement of good customer service skills to improve and then create lasting changes in behavior.

Take a look at my article in this month’s Training Magazine on “Educating a Better Customer Service Representative” for five great tips on how to improve your customer service representatives’ skills in order to create the customer experience you’ve always dreamed of for your company.

Tips focus on topics such as:

  • Meetings: when to have them and what to share
  • Culture: why it is important that your representatives fit with your customer-centric culture
  • Real-time: how to teach in the moment and make a lasting impact

In addition, feel free to download our recent guide that provides six tips to improve customer service today. If you have questions about how to educate your staff or how to improve your service, I’d love to hear them. Post your comments and questions below!

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