Five Simple Steps to Legendary Telephone Etiquette

legendary greeting“It’s the little things that make a customer interaction memorable.”

If your organization is like most you have sat though meetings or had discussions on procedural topics such as – what is the best or most welcoming greeting to use when answering the phone.

Most of the scripted suggestions presented are creative and all have the best intentions. Here’s where and why the rash often starts. Policy setters rarely come to a consensus on an approved greeting. Personal taste and preferences never align so what often happens is the highest ranking position or officer in the meeting finally says: enough is enough, you all are driving me crazy – just say this… or keep what we got.

There is a healthier solution.

Start by understanding there is no need to create a feeling of flowers, rainbows and confetti during the opening dialog. Here’s a few of my favorite “happy greetings” I heard over the years: The leaves are turning, the fires are burning, how may I direct your call – The sky’s are blue and we love you – and my personal favorite comes from the great city of New Orleans LA…Good morning, Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez at the _______ . Say that 500 times a day and still love your job.

Let’s get healthy: Here is a five step formula that will help your organization become better than your competition and will increase compliance because it contains what I call “professional flexibility.” The understanding that one’s ones heart must shine through. Read on because the uniqueness or magic of this greeting comes at the end.

Here’s your 5 step legendary telephone etiquette formula for success:
1. Open with Good _________
2. Where you are
3. Who you are
4. Offer of Assistance

It might sound something like this: Good morning, thanks for calling Signature Worldwide, my name is Dave…How may I be of assistance or how may I transfer your call?

Now for the magic I’ve mentioned earlier. Once your say step number 4. Listen carefully to what the caller says – you can learn so much about a person during their request statement. Your response should be: I will be glad to transfer you or, I would be glad to assist you. If you listen carefully the caller more times than not will say “thanks.” Pause and respond with: You are welcome. That’s magic step number 5.

Seems so simple doesn’t it! Reflect back, how often you have been left hanging with no response to your polite thank you gesture – you simply were blasted into cyberspace and forgotten.

Please, reintroduce simple politeness back into your organization. Start with the telephone then let it spread. Weren’t we all taught to say please and thank you as children? What happened?

Does your company have an approved greeting or do you have a great story to share about a greeting you’ve received? I’d love to hear about it, so leave a comment below.

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