A Ride in the General Manager’s Seat

Legendary LeadershipService Edge, Service SkillKit, Transient Edge and Client Centered Sales training. Let’s see how they are doing with all the modules so far!

Signature Worldwide: We kicked off the training program with our Legendary Leadership class because we believe the success of any training program is directly related to the leadership skill set of the management team – what were your impressions of this class?

Kenny: It was an incredible experience.  I think the in-depth self assessment was a surprising experience for the participants because they realized that what they intended to communicate was not always what was heard.  The way they express their point of view may shut someone down, or it may encourage them to open up.  It really made everyone stop and think about the way they do things, and consider maybe there was a new way that could get them better results.

Signature Worldwide: Have you seen any impact after the training?

Kenny: Absolutely.  I think the  impact of the class rocked some of their worlds.  It pushed them outside their comfort zone and really tested them.  I would recommend that you include a follow up call about a week later because a few people were really questioning their leadership skills after the class.  I had to communicate to them that the assessment wasn’t a knock on their skills, it was showing them several different approaches they could take.  I think they were a great group before the class but I think they are stronger, more self aware of how they are communicating and more effective after going through that experience.

Signature Worldwide: The next area we focused on was customer service with ourService Edge and Service SkillKit training for the front desk, housekeeping and F&B – how was that received?

Kenny:  It was a terrific experience.  The trainer, Dave Hamilton, created a relaxing environment.  His delivery was great and he formed such a relationship with the staff that it seemed like they worked harder because they didn’t want to let Dave down!  The staff really enjoyed the classes and I hear the impact of the class everyday.  They are better with customers, and I also hear employees talking in the break room about “legendary service” all the time now, that’s our new buzzword – Legendary!

Signature Worldwide:  We also introduced our Service SkillKits – what do you think of that concept?

Kenny: Brilliant.  It seemed a little complex, but after you start working with it, it isn’t complicated at all.  The skill kits follow a format and give every department a tool to have daily discussions with their staff about great service.  The daily activities are short, interesting and give us some new insights.

Signature Worldwide: We sometimes hear that having daily conversations with your staff about service is asking a lot, what do you think?

Kenny: We finish those daily meetings and the associates say: “that’s it?  We want more!”  They want to continue the conversation and they do.  It’s a great way to make sure that service stays on everyone’s mind after the training and because the skill kits tell you what to talk about, it’s really pretty simple to do and it just becomes a part of your routine.

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