The 49-Cent Tip

Have you ever written to a CEO or company president about the service you receive at the hands of their employees? I do it all the time, and seldom to complain. In fact, I keep four or five stamped envelopes in my briefcase when I travel, and I replenish the supply regularly.

Tell Me a Story

My mother was a journalist and my father was a seaman. Dad told better stories. Mom was sensible, forthright and logical. Dad had sea monsters, pirates, and a dozen different versions of how he came to have a wooden leg.

Six Steps to Becoming a Thought Leader

The world is full of self-proclaimed ‘gurus’, experts, and talking heads. They pop up daily on television and radio, on the Internet, at conferences, in trade magazines, and even in hometown newspapers. Some are well-known due to their success with high-profile clients, some write books, while others are merely “famous for being famous” – people …

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