Signature Cue-Tips™- the Movie!

describe the imageDid you know that on average, adults forget more than 80% of what they learn within 30 days?  When you work for a training solutions company focused on getting results for our clients, forgetfulness can be a real challenge!

There are ways of reducing this forgetting curve.  In the development and delivery of our actual training programs, we incorporate different types of activities that will help training “stick” with adult learners.  Sometimes these tactics seem a little odd when you are experiencing them in one of our classrooms but there is generally a method to our madness!  Anyone who has ever participated in our ping pong ball exercise or our minefield experience will agree! These are examples of  “Experiential learning” we have incorporated into our training, and while we have many approaches, most will agree these hands on exercises help with learning retention from the classroom back to the work place.

We have also learned that reinforcement after training is essential, which is why we spend so much time on our follow up solutions.  Our mystery shopping, online reporting, and ongoing training are all elements designed to help us deliver on our brand promise – making training stick, and driving results for our clients. 

A few months ago we introduced a new tool – Signature Cue-Tips™ to help reinforce our training.  Many of our clients have tried it and the response has been great – it’s fun, easy, and helps our program participants to retain what they learned.  But a few people are still a little unclear on exactly what this Cue-Tips thing is, so we put together this video to help explain it.  Please take a minute to watch and see if this new tool might work for your team.

If you would like to find out more about adding Cue-Tips to your reinforcement plan, please email us at [email protected]

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