Signature Brasil Welcomed Into Our Licensee Family

We recently welcomed our newest licensee partners from Curitiba, Brazil, and to say we had a great time would be putting it mildly! Rita DiPaolo, Director of Licensee Services at Signature Worldwide, made the long trip to South America to make sure our Brazilian friends were ready to dive into Training that Sticks!

Starting with V=D/E training from our Transient Edge program and Capturing the Educated Customer, to presenting benefits with emotion and logic in our Client Centered Sales class, the newest members of the Signature family are officially ready to share our passion for training! During our Licensee Onboarding process, licensees are introduced to our proven training programs:

· Classic Transient Edge

· Capturing the Educated Customer

· Client Centered Sales

· Prospecting

· Negotiating Value

· Equipment Edge

Our new Brazilian partners at PS Entreinamento Emprasarial are already well-established in the training arena and were able to integrate Signature’s core tactics and values to complement their current training programs. The Brazilian team is talented and passionate group of individuals and they each feel that Signature’s ‘Training that Sticks’ philosophy is beneficial to the Hospitality and Equipment industries in Brazil. We’re thrilled to welcome them to the family!

Signature Brazil joins a group of wonderful licensees including: Signature Argentina, Signature Canada, Signature Costa Rica, Signature Cyprus, Signature Europe and Signature Thailand. At Signature Worldwide, we always love the opportunity to expand our growing list of licensees to those willing and ready to take on such a rewarding challenge. We’re constantly on the lookout for people who are passionate about helping service-oriented companies create legendary customer experiences. So, if you’re background is in hospitality, customer service or training and you’re passionate about providing a memorable customer experience, then let’s chat!

For more information on Becoming a Licensees send us an email.

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