Onboarding Your New Employees with Virtual Training


Written in collaboration with Amanda Herder, Training Account Manager.

After an extensive search, you have finally hired that new leasing agent. Everyone is excited and anxious for that employee to be productive.

In talking with property managers and other leaders at a recent Multifamily Housing-focused trade show, they were frustrated by the lack of success of some of their online training programs. When it came to customer service and sales skills the online programs came up short in developing skills related to:

  • Quickly building a relationship with the caller
  • Assessing the needs to the prospective resident
  • Building value in your community
  • Securing an appointment for a tour

While the online programs were convenient and easy to administer, they did not provide new employee an opportunity to practice the skills, ask questions, or receive feedback. These are not operational or technical skills which are easily observed by management. These are skills in which it is critical that the agent quickly and professionally engage the caller and promote your community.

The online programs are good for compliance training, but fell short in other areas. The managers we spoke to recognized the importance of each phone call and tour. Simply quoting rates and checking availability would not ultimately improve conversion and occupancy rates.

As a training company, we recognize the challenges in organizing a formal onsite training. Onsite training may be preferred, but in some situations not practical. Often schedules must be adjusted and travel costs incurred.  It typically requires additional administrative resources to organize the training. We have seen clients delay the implementation of training because of challenges of ‘getting everyone together’. What this means is you have employees who are servicing potential and current residents without the proper training.

At Signature, we feel that we have found the solution to providing quality interactive training in a virtual setting. We’ve listened to what management companies want and have developed a virtual learning program that focuses on all the key elements of an exceptional resident experience without the added cost of travel and scheduling constraints.

Our solution is an interactive webinar (we call it web class) in which your leasing agents participate from the convenience of their home location. All they need is a computer (with internet access), a phone, and a quiet place to participate.  The training is conducted by a Signature trainer with experience in presenting in this format.

In the web class there are role plays, discussions and other activities that engage the participant in the training. Our experienced instructors can test for comprehension and application of the skills. Not only have our clients found this training method convenient, they have found it very effective. Employees leave the training bought into the importance of these skills and anxious to apply what they have learned. The online training did not offer that level of engagement. Learners were too passive.

To learn more about this innovative and impactful training give us a call at Signature (614-766-5101) or click here. Each phone call or email inquiry is an opportunity to build value and excitement in your community. Make certain your employees have the skills that go beyond determining availability and quoting rates.

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