Mystery Shopper – A mysterious job that transports its workers to the corners of the world.

monkeyToday’s post is a guest blog from Julie Seifert, a Call Center Team Leader with loads of imagination!

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a mystery shopper? It’s not as easy as you think!

You have to think on your toes while remembering and following lots of instructions and realizing you never REALLY know what’s going to happen next. Your goal is to take something completely spontaneous and turn it into a “scorable” call for our client.

Being a shopper is a little bit like playing a game of Jumanji – only we are still waiting for Robin Williams to show up. That would be great!

Queue the drums, BAM! You’re a shopper. You start your day by getting your assignment. What will it be? Apartments? Backhoes? Luxury Resorts? Monkeys? Who knows?

Now you have your assignment you need to get your scenario. So you take your turn with the roll of the dice (aka clicking on the self randomizing scenario link).

Who are you? What will your task be to complete this turn/call? Will there be GIANT Mosquitoes? Yipes!

You have chosen to be Lou Smith with Smith & Son’s landscaping and you need an Ariel lift to change light bulbs in a local parking lot. You have your business address, phone number and how long you will need the Ariel lift.

Ok you are ready to take your turn now. Go ahead pick up that phone! This is where things get unpredictable. After all it’s a live conversation not scripted out. You have to try to complete your objective in a spontaneous conversation. Did you get someone on the phone? Was it the right person? Did you give your scenario with confidence? Did you complete all of your objectives during the call? Get a rate? Find availability? Reserve or not appropriately as your scenario requests?

YOU DID IT! You have competed your turn and won the game. Another day and now you can go home.

But it will be waiting for you again tomorrow……..(drums beat)


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