Introducing Adaptive Performance Management™

chameleon.jpgWhat happens when managers are uncomfortable giving developmental feedback to employees? They avoid it and hope the poor performance improves by magical forces. But that usually doesn’t happen.  The employee doesn’t know what they are doing wrong or how to improve, so they continue making the same mistakes over and over. The manager grows more frustrated, but still avoids confrontation. The employee may leave, or worse yet, stay and continue the bad performance – which ends up chasing away the high performers, because they don’t feel like their efforts are either recognized or valued.  And the end result? Loss of profits.

Signature wants to help end this cycle, and our solution is our newest program – Adaptive Performance Management™. We have created a 7 minute video that explains how this two day onsite training program helps managers and supervisors learn to feel more comfortable continually developing their employees – appreciating and rewarding high performers and developing mediocre performers to improve. Please take a few minutes to see the approach we take and let us know if this is something you think your organization can use.


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