How to highlight your strategic differential in a highly competitive market?

stand-out“To be successful in the market, you must deliver a product or service that is unique, attractive, and of very high value to your target customers. This strategy needs to be difficult – if not impossible – for the competition to copy. You must know how to execute it with perfection”. (Spence, 2017)

In other words, you have to sell something really different and it must have an emotional connection with your target audience, so the client agrees to pay more to get your product / service.

Now, for this strategy to work you must know how to show your differentials.


#1 Take a moment to complete the following information:

From 0 to 5, how much your company stands out in relation to:

  • Quality of the product /service – are you the best in the market? If not, how close to grade 5 do you rank your business in quality?
  • Price – do you have the most competitive price? If not, try to verify if your quality score is high, this may justify the value above the market
  • Payment terms – do you provide more than one method of payment, even if the cost is higher?
  • Attendance – do you customize your customer service? Or your client has to face huge queues and long calls to solve a problem?

#2 Now, some even more challenging questions:

  • What is unique, exciting and compelling about you?
  • What are your outstanding skills and knowledge?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from all other vendors (salesman) in your field?
  • How specifically do you offer more value and better customer service than anyone else in your area?

Many salespeople say they want to be known as “trusted advisors,” and they want to achieve a very high level of sales success, but a very few are willing to do the hard things and the hard work to achieve that differential.

If you want to be among the best in your area, take time to think about the answers you had above, and build an action plan to react to them.

Remember to include in your plan how you intend to inform your consumers of the extraordinary value that your business has and what you sell.

Brought to you by our licensee partner, Daniel Spinelli, Principal at Signature Brasil.


JEFFREY, Brian. “Why Should I Buy From You?”. Available at:<>. Seen in: 14 mar. 2017.

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