Elevate Your Hotel Brand Success Through Online Training and Education

hmbookstore.jpgBuilding a successful brand equates to forming positive experiences, memories and relationships that create loyal customers. If asked, hotel owners and operators will say three of the most challenging aspects they face include raising service culture scores, improving profitability and lowering employee attrition. How can training and education address these barriers and help create an effective path to success?

Signature is helping hotel owners and operators build a skilled workforce of top-notch, well-trained managers and employees to positively impact customer experience by now offering new online training and education courses from HMBookstore. With a library of over 150 online courses offered in English, Spanish and Mandarin, HMBookstore’s position-based eBooks provide employees the skill set necessary to deliver the highest level of customer service by addressing topics from front desk, food & beverage, housekeeping, revenue management, human resources, event planning to general management and more. 

eLearning with HMBookstore is a simple and cost-effective way to train employees to understand their positions, roles and responsibilities,  allowing employees to understand how their role fits in to the organization as a whole and to aid in employee retention by offering cross training opportunities. With the ability to log into HMBookstore eBooks via the Internet from anywhere, employees receive comprehensive training while administrators can monitor employees eLearning progress in real-time. Employees are provided with a certification of completion at the conclusion of each eBook.

The benefits achieved are profound when implementing an employee education program focused on training, teamwork and engagement.  Lower attrition rates, increased profitability, improved online guest reviews…the list goes on.  Put your plan in motion to have a well-trained staff delivering a superior guest experience — the result will help build a hotel brand that promotes loyalty among your guests.

Ken Edwards
President and CEO of Tristar Hotel Group and HMBookstore


Take a glimpse inside the HMBookstore – see what a typical online training program includes by watching this 7 minute video:


Admin – Watch this short video to see how easy it can be to set up access and reporting for all of your employees – you can have training available for your entire staff in the next 24 hours:

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