Dave’s Fables: The Cash Cow is Now Just a Myth

cashcowSales Truths – Fact: Prospectors sell quicker, sell smarter, and create more revenue than traditional sales efforts. 

Hook a seasoned sales professional to a polygraph machine and ask them if they like to make cold calls!  Scratch that – you’d never get a good sales person to take a lie detector test.

Prospecting: To become a “new revenue” prospector, you need to first buy into these two non-negotiables.  Rebooking or continuing revenue residuals from existing customers is not selling – that’s just relationship maintaining. Secondly, when you have the opportunity to talk to a new prospect – that’s not the time to sell, it’s the time to look, listen and learn.  Be focused on advancing the relationship. 

By learning to become an awesome gatherer, you will start spending your valuable time talking to the right person – you will learn the prospects top buying motives and how their decision making process works.  Most importantly, you will get the right solution to them the first time!

With so much information and conversation available these days, with the stroke of a key, new revenues are there … in fact they have always been there.  In today’s world, the fruit is a little higher on the tree – you just need a better, more dependable, longer ladder.

Learning how to leverage data, maximizing your time, and most importantly, learning to build interest in your product – that’s how to beat your sales quota!

Ask yourself … how’s your opening, interest-building statement? Is your immediate follow-up question powerful enough to spark further discussion?  I hope so!

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