Dave’s Fables: T3 – Train the Trainer – Tough to Take!

trainTTT, T3, Train the Trainer – call it what you like … but learning a new or modifying an existing offering is one of those processes in which the professional trainer can create more questions than answers, unless you accept and embrace change.   

Over the last two decades, the T3 process (like everything else) has really morphed.  The “make it happen” using your past experiences and industry knowledge, has given way to a choreographed training experience designed by certified instructional designers – a  valuable block of time where participant activities, technologies, and breakouts weld learners together creating cultural change. 

I fought the T3 processes hard – but deep inside I knew I was going to lose.  I’m now a believer, better motivator and educator.  Here is a trainer secret – those most resistant to change often preach/teach change!  The most skilled in modifying human behaviors … yes I’m talking about us … me!  Trainers hate to modify anything, and to avoid the inevitable we will come up with every excuse in the book!    

Yes, it adds work, preparation, often studying, work you can’t pawn off to anyone but yourself and you might have a few hours learning new platforms or methodologies, but you will be better for it!  The days of being an expert and having the same message over and over are gone.  To steal a quote referencing one of my favorite golfers … you can’t “grip it and rip it” any longer. 

Training world, do yourself a huge favor, embrace the T3 and feel free to quote me – “New anything makes you more valuable to the client.”  Or look at it this way – if you don’t learn it … someone else will!

This trainer receptive mentality is what makes Signature Worldwide great!

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