Dave’s Fables: Pure – Learn to be a better competitor

pureSo often we think about “don’t haves” vs. “do haves”.  I used to say this all the time, “If I had __________ I could compete so much better in the marketplace.”  Both personally and professionally, we’ve all worked hard and sacrificed to get that “I don’t have” just to find out that once you get it there’s an entire new set of challenges. Reality check – there is always going to be newer, shinier, or cooler stuff others will have that you don’t.

I like the word “pure” because it’s simple, clean, and immediately makes you think of value.  In the sales arena – keeping your value pure is a really good thing. Pure value is deadly powerful! If used correctly, it maximizes positive results and often shortens the sales cycle. 

From selling yourself during the interview process, establishing desire and positive actions with new customers, to creating attention and interest during the tedious process of prospecting, start by refining your approach or shifting the attention from what you do – to why you do it.

Think about what drives people to want to move forward. Think about how you can make it easy to advance down the track to your goal…whatever that goal might be.

Pure and Simple:

  • Be relevant to the potential – Have a compelling reason WHY you believe you are the right fit. Focus your energy on their success both personally and corporately. (The WIIFM of old still holds true)
  • State what qualifies you as an expert – HOW we make this happen.
  • Simply – WHAT needs to be done to get to the next step in the process?

So if you are still stuck in the “what we do – “how” we do business – “why”, because I really want your business… It’s time to reverse and refine. Start by looking at the structure of your benefit statements – elevator stories, pitches, etc. Make them pure to your goals.

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