A Tale of Two Hotels

unimpressed.jpgOnce upon a time we made two phone calls to two hotels. We recorded those conversations because, well, that is what we do. Unlike the NSA, we don’t record these phone calls because we are concerned about national security, instead we are concerned about the state of customer service. And as you will hear, we have good reason for our concern.

Take a listen to this first call. We work with a lot of hotel owners who tell us the expense of their customers making reservations through the OTAs is driving them crazy. So we developed a training program to help them keep the callers booking directly with them. As with all of our training programs, we then try to develop some sort of mystery phone shop that will test the skills of those we train. To get a benchmark, we always make a few calls before we train, and that is the call I am presenting to you here. Take a listen.

We deleted the hotel and agent name because we didn’t want to embarrass them. But that is probably how many callers are being treated at hotels today. Is this how your front desk is handling these kinds of calls? If so, you might want to think about hiring us.

BUT how can you be sure we can make a difference? I have a second call here of a client we have been training for a while. We left the hotel and agent name in there because we think they should be proud (and they told us we could). Take a listen and tell us your thoughts – is this how you would like your perspective guests to be treated?

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