It Takes a Team to be Legendary


Many of us are familiar with the acronym T.E.A.M. which stands for Together Everyone Achieves More and this perfectly captures the spirit of the Training Team at Signature Worldwide! Collectively our training team has over 240 years of experience working at Signature Worldwide! That impressive tenure is comprised of trainers that are based from East Coast to West coast and many in between. What is even more impressive than the years of experience of our team is the genuine commitment that each of our Trainers has to provide legendary service to each and every client that they work with!

At Signature, our promise to our clients is to be fun and inspiring, to be results driven and to deliver training that sticks. Our team doesn’t take this promise lightly and accordingly that means that it’s not optional to be legendary every single day.

Legendary means fully preparing for a training event (in-person or via the web) which is a comprehensive process:

  1. The trainer identifies what the client wants to accomplish …
  2. Once the objective of the class has been decided the trainer then dedicates time to planning the class outline – this includes gathering the materials/participant manuals, downloading shopping calls to play in class and reviewing client reporting that they have shared. In addition, time is dedicated to reviewing any on-line reviews shared by the customers of this client.
  3. Prior to the class the trainer will meet with the managers to verify the goals and if needed, we’ve been known to change the focus of an entire class with minimal notice to adapt to changes that the client experienced!
  • Should the focus be on improving a specific revenue metric that the client measures?
  • Should the focus be on ensuring that the benefit presentation builds value for each caller?
  • Is it time to dedicate a class to ensure the team is committed to delivering legendary service to the customers that they serve?
  • Or does the client simply want their calls to sound better?

Once we’ve prepared, we deliver the class and we hold ourselves accountable to the results. We ask every class participant upon completion of the training class to complete a training evaluation. The results of these evaluations are summarized and shared back with our clients and I have to say, we’re very proud of the results!

We measure results on a scale of 1-5 (5 being excellent) and this is how our team performed in 2014:

“This training class has inspired me to further improve how I do my job” – 4.85/5.0

“The trainer created a fun environment for learning” – 4.94/5.0

While the numbers speak directly to the results, the comments that class participants write tell the true story …

“Made me look at my job in a whole new perspective”

“Thorough class content and engaging attitude of trainer”

“The training I received is very easy to understand and I easily envision myself using the tools I learned”

To achieve results like these our training team works together! We share best practices with each other. We make recommendations to our Instructional Design team for new training material which they create incorporating current adult learning principles and we collaborate with our sales team to ensure that all our client’s needs are met … it takes a team and our training team is definitely legendary!

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