Hotel Tech – Check out the apps!

cellphoneIn years past you called a hotel and, unless you were a savvy traveler and knew to ask for specific rooms or amenities upfront, you got what you got. Today, technology has made it a lot easier to reserve rooms and see exactly what amenities are available before you even get to the hotel. Making reservations, checking in and requesting service is as easy as opening an app.

Hilton and Marriott were among the first two hotel chains to begin utilizing this new technology.  Since then, other hotel chains have begun to develop app, too.

Want to bypass the front desk?  Check in using the app and no need to stop at the front desk.  You don’t even need to stop and pick up a key, the app allows you to use your phone as your room key.  Hilton Honor’s Digital Key even allows you to “pin” your favorite room, so when you find yourself in town again and staying at the same hotel you can choose your favorite room without any hassle. 

Are you a guest who likes to have an extra pillow waiting for you when you arrive? You can now request it on the Hilton Honors app.  Prefer a room with a view of the skyline or near the elevator? You can use the digital hotel layout to view the room locations and choose your perfect room from the app.

Marriott’s mobile app promises the same exciting technological advances for the guests who may have forgotten an amenity or necessity from home.  Simply open the app, go to mobile request, and choose from a shaving kit, toothbrush and toothpaste or several other items to have them conveniently delivered to your room.

With these new apps available are we now pushing agents away from the front desk?  That does not have to be the case.  Most hotel companies are looking at the apps and the agents to work hand-in-hand.  Not everyone wants a one-on-one interaction with an agent after traveling all day.  Some travelers find it ideal to check in, or perhaps to even select their room, as soon as they leave the plane.

The apps allow guests to communicate with a hotel staff member.  Whether to have questions answered, get directions or even order room service, guests are able to simply use their phones to text. The front desk staff will still be there, ready to assist in whatever needs the weary traveler may have.

These advances and app features have made it easy to customize your travel and tailor it to your lifestyle and personality. So, whether you are a casual traveler or a road warrior, make sure you stay up-to-date with technology and keep on creating those lifetime experiences – your way!

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