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"A major reason we continue with Signature Worldwide training is the constant reinforcement program. It has become our measuring stick for employee performance."

High Hotels

Increase hotel reservations conversion rates, raise ADR, and increase customer service with Transient Edge® - hotel sales training for your front-line employees.



Signature Worldwide's reservations, PBX and hotel front desk customer service and sales training will impact your hotel sales from day one. Our goal is to motivate your employees to deliver legendary customer service to your guests by teaching them to ask the right questions, sell the value of your hotel and to ask for the reservation.

Initial Training

More than customer service training, we turn your agents into hotel sales people. Through our engaging training process, Guest Service Representatives realize that by asking for higher rates after selling the value of your hotel, AND asking for the reservation, they can convert more inquiry calls into reservations. Through a variety of techniques, including role-playing, employees will learn when, how and why to:

  • Establish customer rapport
  • Identify customer needs
  • Build value before quoting rates
  • Ask for a commitment.

After training, your agents have the confidence to quote the rates your property deserves. They will feel more like hotel sales people than order takers. What would that mean for your bottom line?

This training is available on-site or virtually. Watch the video below for a demo of our virtual training.


Hotel customer service and sales training that lasts.

The day after training, your staff will want to use their newly acquired skills, but may fall back into old habits. That's why Signature Worldwide's program continues long after our trainer leaves your hotel.

Regular Onsite Reinforcement Sessions
Your Signature Training Account Manager visits several times per year to continuously build the performance of your employees. New employees will be “brought up to speed,” while your seasoned veterans will be coached on the development of new techniques and tailored to the most pressing needs at your hotel.

Skill Refresher Web Sessions
These sessions are performed by a Signature trainer and will reinforce and practice one or two skills agreed upon by Signature account manager and your designated internal program driver.

One-On-One Driver training
An account management team member will facilitate a program driver web session with designated company management team members to discuss engagement, performance results, best practices and areas of focus moving forward.

Mystery Shopping
Experienced Signature shoppers will place calls to your property every month. Calls are recorded and scored based on the employee’s mastery of the formula.

Unlimited Coaching on Demand™
As part of our ongoing program, employees dial a toll-free number – as often as they like – to role-play, review performance and build skills with Signature’s team of experienced coaches.

New Hire Skill Orientation Subscription Plus
Newly hired employees will have access to Signature’s New Hire Transient Edge® On-Demand Recorded Webinar to bring employees up to speed on the basics of the phone-based skills. Upon completion of the webinar, a dedicated member of Signature’s staff will be available for a coaching/practice call to provide further instruction, practice specific sales and service skills and provide feedback.

Web-based Management Reporting
Signature’s web-based management reporting tools will help your team gather and use meaningful data about the skill performance of your employees.

Signature Worldwide Transient Edge® Portal
The Transient Edge Portal provides a centralized location for you to access numerous resources to help you drive the Signature Worldwide program and to support the skills learned.

Our clients typically increase conversion rates by at least one reservation per day. How would this impact your sales?

To illustrate, consider the following formula based on just one agent, per shift, securing one additional reservation per day, per property.  Imagine what these numbers will look like once we get your conversion rate 10, 20 or even 30 percent higher than it is currently.

Average Length of Stay
x Average Daily Rate


= Average Revenue per Reservation
x Additional Reservation per Day


= Additional Revenue per Day
x Active Selling Days per Year


Total Revenue $84,000

Ready for results from this dynamic hospitality training program? Contact us online now to find out how Transient Edge® can make the difference.

New Training Resources Now Available

We have recently added a resource portal to our website to provide additional training resources for our Transient Edge clients.  Below is a short video walk through of how our clients can use the portal. Some of the resources we provide are:

  • Training Moments - a one page training tip - perfect to use at department meetings
  • Coaching Videos & Podcasts - answering some questions in more detail about how to work with some challenging customer situations
  • Leadership Training Web Sessions Calendar - you'll always know when we are offering a leadership session online - free to our Transient Edge customers
  • Easy access to Online Learning and Reporting


Transient Edge Portal Tour from Signature Worldwide on Vimeo.