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Signature Select is a program offered exclusively to International Luxury Hotel Association members. Click the link below to learn more about the ILHA and this comprehensive luxury training solution.

The bedrocks of the luxury experience will always remain. The distinct services, exquisite finishes, and elegant products are the price of admission. What really sets a luxury brand apart today — what defines luxury above everything else — is personalized service.

Creating a luxury experience is a competitive business. A legendary service and sales culture is your keystone for success. Signature Worldwide has designed and certified a suite of training programs exclusively for the International Luxury Hotel Association and their members.

We give you Signature Select.

Signature Select offers integrated training solutions for all service touchpoints. When implemented as a complete solution, all employees become focused on exceeding customers’ expectations by creating personalized experiences. Just as you know each of your guests are unique; we understand your business is as unique. Our programs are designed utilizing our Proven Process and are customizable to your brand, your personality and your exclusivity.


In this program, Signature teaches guest service representatives a unique methodology for handling reservation inquiries and improving guest experiences. This training is a turnkey system for changing behaviors that create lasting improvements in guest satisfaction, conversion rates, and RevPAR.

Guest Services

This program is designed to overcome one of hospitality’s most difficult challenges — how to deliver personalized service experiences guests expect from a luxury hotel. It is a fun, unique, and empowering training solution that provides staff with the tools to strengthen guest relationships, anticipate requests, and handle challenging situations with winning results.


This program allows sales professionals to take a more proactive, disciplined approach for achieving significant and sustainable increases in revenue. This program covers everything from establishing credibility and building rapport to supporting higher rates, offering alternatives, and asking for the businesses at the right time and in the right way to gain commitment.

We believe training is more than an event, it is a process. Each of our product suites is built utilizing our Proven Process and includes on-boarding, assessment and design, benchmarking, initial training, reinforcement and measurement. This ensures your desired business results are achieved and training sticks.

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Signature Select™

Create a distinctive personalized, luxury experience by giving your reservations team a unique methodology for handling inquiries and providing guest services the ability to strengthen relationships and anticipate requests.

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