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Legendary Leader™

Legendary Leader™

Direct, mediate and manage successful hospitality teams with Legendary Leader™ training.

Create high-performing teams that will impact the bottom line of your business with this team leadership training. During the process of studying and working with thousands of leaders, teams and top-notch executives, we have discovered the leadership qualities most admired by teams and the behaviors that lead to team success.

The most admired and inspirational leaders are attuned to what is going on in the moment, both externally and internally. This ability to be completely aware and focused in the moment enables leaders to have enough energy to handle stress, to have a clear head to focus, and to make good decisions. Effective leaders are strongly centered so that the chaos of the external environment doesn't interfere with their good intentions.

Unlike typical management training, this leadership training workshop includes individual online assessments that allow for thought-provoking, personalized training. Upon conclusion, your organization will walk away with individual leadership action plans, as well as a team leadership diagram identifying both the strengths and leadership gaps that currently exist in your organization.

What to expect from this leadership training?

In this team leadership training workshop, your leaders will:

  • Discover their own behavioral leadership and communication style and the impact it has on your organization and work groups.
  • Learn and practice tools to help them become a legendary leader.
  • Learn how to develop trust in and for others in your organization.
  • Identify leadership traps and how to recognize when they are stuck in one.
  • Discover the difference between habits and leadership rituals, and how to implement healthy leadership rituals that will strengthen their leadership effectiveness.
  • Learn five questions that will help them become a legendary leader.
  • Develop a personal accountability plan for their leadership role.
  • Learn how to lead teams to high performance.

Learning to lead is a process. Legendary Leader is specially designed to bring awareness to individual leadership behavior and create lasting improvements. With follow-up training, your leaders will measure success against a professional development plan and increase their role in your organization's overall success.

Who should attend the leadership training workshop?

All managers and leaders, at every level in your organization that have an impact on overall organizational success, including:

  • Executives
  • Senior Leaders
  • Department Heads
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders

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