Rental Edge

Increase your rental company's inside and outside sales with Rental Edge™ sales training.



Put the customer first - wherever they are. Managing any sales situation while still delivering exceptional customer service is possible when you receive Rental Edge™ training from Signature Worldwide.

Applying to various rental situations including equipment, party and storage, Rental Edge is customized training for the following areas of your rental facility or dealership:

  • Inside sales
  • Outside sales
  • Field service technicians
  • Delivery/drivers
  • Managers

What to expect from Rental Edge Training

Up to 18 participants will spend an engaging and focused session together, learning the skills and tools necessary to help you differentiate your rental company from the competition and capture more sales.

Using activity-based learning exercises and Signature Worldwide's proprietary Magic Formula, employees will learn how to:

  • Determine standards that help define exceptional service and drive revenues
  • Recognize customer service and sales opportunities
  • Consistently exceed customer expectations
  • Take ownership of a situation
  • Gain understanding of the critical role they play in their own success and the success of your company

And because Rental Edge™ is designed to impact employee behavior and create lasting improvement with your rental company's inside sales team; these employees will also practice their new skills through post-training coaching and reinforcement.

Customer service skills that last

We have all attended training in which we have full intentions of using the newly acquired skills, but without proper reinforcement we quickly fall back into old habits. That's why Signature Worldwide's program continues after the training session is over. Immediately after training, our Signature Worldwide coaches contact your rental company and work with your team to practice their new skills. Soon after, Signature Worldwide conducts shopping calls allowing for further coaching and development opportunities. Ongoing training options are also a key component to raise your staff to the next level in customer service delivery.

Ongoing shopping calls ensure your team use their skills long after training.

What gets measured gets done! Our ongoing shopping calls to your rental company are recorded and scored based on the skills presented in your training.  Signature provides you easy and secure online access to these calls and results so you can continue to work with your team to develop these critical skills.

Our customers find that these ongoing reinforcement programs protect their training investment and help their staff continually increase their customer service standards and drive revenues.

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