Digital Marketing Webinars

Digital Marketing Webinars


“Digital"We offer a series of three webinars around the Digital Marketing landscape.

Digital Marketing Impact

Participants in this webinar will understand the relevance of the digital marketing platform relative to their overall marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Tools and Strategies

Digital marketing tools are being created almost daily. This webinar identifies the categories most relevant for hoteliers and helps the formation of an actualy strategy based on your goals. A good section of this webinar will focus on the hotel website, SEO and its relevance and how social factors into the big picture.

Digital Marketing Analytics

Analyzing the results of your digital marketing efforts is critical - as is explaining those results to non digital leaders within your hotel. This webinar explores the process of collecting data efficiently in order to be able to measure a true ROI of any digital marketing strategy.

All of these webinars were developed in conjunction with the HSMAI Digital Marketing Certification. To find out additional information about the certification, please click here.