Telephone Mystery Shopping

Signature's telephone mystery shopping can improve guest satisfaction and earn you better quality scores.



Because Good Service Isn't Good Enough

Nowadays, delivering good, even stellar, customer service isn't enough to keep a satisfied customer from going elsewhere. But, delivering legendary customer service will.

Creating a legendary customer experience can turn a satisfied customer into a loyal customer - for life. That's what Signature Worldwide's telephone mystery shopping does: constantly evaluate on how your employees are delivering, and how they can grow to deliver legendary service every time!

Hear If Your Employees Are Really Delivering

You may be surprised to learn that your employees are far from providing the kind and level of service that creates long-time customers. By identifying service gaps with telephone mystery shopping, you'll be taking the first step toward changing employee behavior and overcoming service apathy for good.

How Telephone Mystery Shopping Works

Our unique methodology is applied to changing how your employees sound to the customer over the phone. Once we've evaluated how your employees can improve, we work with them to learn new behaviors to improve how they sound. We'll call them from time to time to evaluate how they are putting their new skills to work, and you'll be able to track the results with our Web-Based Reporting system. From there, we'll continue to work with your staff to become a polished team ready to give legendary results!

telephone mystery shopping report

Free Mystery Shop Offer

When you sign up for a free mystery shop call, we'll pose as potential clients, assessing how well your employees serve your callers. Then we'll provide you with a report that identifies missed opportunities and areas for improvement. Complete this form for three free, no-obligation mystery shop calls and find out what you've been missing.