Service Skillkit

Let your hotel's team take the lead with the Signature Service SkillKit™ or Planner.



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The Signature Worldwide Service SkillKit empowers your management team to train, coach and energize employees using activities and exercises specifically designed for brief, daily team meetings.

These core service skills, when executed consistently by all employees, will raise your customer service level and create a competitive advantage:

  • Be approachable
  • Acknowledge
  • Greet
  • Personalize
  • Be knowledgeable
  • Be proactive
  • Commit
  • Listen
  • Exceed Expectations 

Through education and awareness of core service skills; brief, daily reminders of the importance of those skills; and successful delivery of service that exceeds guests' expectations, your employees will encourage customer loyalty.

How It Works:
A Signature Worldwide trainer introduces department leaders to the SkillKit, which is filled with activities and tools used to keep employees focused on delivering legendary customer service. Managers learn when and how to use Skillkit training materials. department leader customer service training
Your department managers then utilize the SkillKit when leading daily meetings. department managers implement customer service training
Your employees participate in activities and discussions during these team meetings that highlight core service skills, which they will need to consistently execute in order to build a customer-focused culture. customer service training for hotel employees
Your customers will be delighted with the more knowledgeable and attentive employees who exceed their customer service expectations. They will return more often and refer more customers. training to exceed hotel guest expectations

Keep your hotel employees focused on the guest experience with a Signature Worldwide Service SkillKit or calendar planner which is packed full of daily activities and reminders for customer service skill training.

Customer service training on a daily basis.

By using the SkillKit or planner calendar, management teams will deliver hotel employee training developed around Signature's proprietary Magic Formula before every shift to every customer service employee.

Through a variety of group activities, including knowledge challenges, employees will:

  • Gain daily awareness of core customer service skills
  • Understand the importance of legendary customer service
  • Learn to consistently exceed guests' expectations
  • Gain service skills needed to entice customers into longer stays and repeat visits.
  • And because Signature Service SkillKit is specially designed to change employee behavior and create a lasting impact, it includes tools that help team leaders energize employees with continued training and coaching.


Signature Service SkillKit is ideal for hotel customer service training and makes an excellent casino management training tool. The kit or planner calendar should be utilized by all employees that interact with customers and impact the guest experience.

Ready for results from this dynamic training program?

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