Customer Service and Sales Training designed specifically for hotels and upscale resorts who serve the luxury traveler.



Do your guest service representatives and call center staff understand the needs of today's luxury traveler? If not, then welcome to Luxtra Signature Worldwide's customer service training program for the upscale hotel or resort reservations call center.

Luxtra™ is more than a customer service training class, it's a full program that inspires your call center agents to ensure your guests understand the value of the experience your luxury hotel or resort will bring them.

Customer service and sales phone training to convert the most distinguished, demanding luxury travelers to loyal customers.

Our extensive luxury traveler research has taught us that mere pampering is no longer adequate to attract this segment - they are looking for a specific experience.

By training your agents to understand the needs and expectations of today's luxury traveler, your staff can better identify what is important to these discriminating customers.  Once uncovered, your staff will be in a better position to sell the value of your luxury hotel - focusing in on what is important to that customer and painting a verbal picture of the experience your property will provide.  Finally, we will teach your staff to think like hotel sales people and ask for the business.  The results - increased reservations, higher rates and better customer service.

Customer service training tailored specifically for your luxury hotel or resort.

During the course, your staff will be trained using Signature Worldwide's proprietary Reservations Experience Formula, giving them the skills to deliver five-star/five-diamond service and giving them the skills to convert every call into a reservation. Our experience formula includes both objective and subjective measures which is tailored, based on the objectives of your vision.

The specifics of the luxury customer service training program include:

  • A thorough assessment and development of a tailored program exclusively for your luxury hotel.
  • Dynamic and engaging on-site training events.
  • Ongoing skill development through the use of Signature Worldwide's one on one coaching system and client support.
  • Mystery telephone shopping calls with weighted score sheets, calibrated to reflect your vision of the conversations your reservations sales agents will have with your potential guests.
  • Web-based skill reports that allow you to manage your Luxtra program and drive better performance.
  • Reinforcement training - onsite and via the web, that will continue to advance the sales and customer experience skills of your staff.
  • Ongoing account management to help you monitor your progress, spot any opportunities and continue to support your reservations managers and supervisors.

Customer service and sales training that lasts - the key to Signature Worldwide's client's success.

The day after almost any training, your staff will want to use their newly acquired skills, but more often than not, they fall back into their old habits almost immediately. That's why Signature's program continues on, long after our trainer leaves your hotel. Immediately after training, our Signature coaches begin making calls to your customer service agents and allowing them to practice their new skills. Once a comfort level is established, Signature begins making telephone mystery shopping calls. A few months later, our trainer returns to your hotel to reinforce the skills they have learned, and then raise your staff to the next level in luxury hotel sales and the most demanding customer service delivery.

Ongoing telephone mystery shopping calls ensure your front desk and reservations agents use their skills at your luxury hotel or resort long after our training.

We have over 100 contact center agents who will make mystery shopping calls to your reservations department, and we will record and score those calls.  We make it easy for you to manage the process because we make the results available online.  You can see and hear how your front desk and reservations employees are interacting with your potential guests.  We have found this ongoing program to be the most effective at helping your hotel to continually increase bookings at a higher rate and deliver the type of service levels that today's luxury traveler demands.

Contact us online today and watch your luxury traveler business grow with Luxtra!