Customer Experience Edge

Create a culture of legendary guest experiences with
Customer Experience Edge™ training.



Signature's trainers will motivate your staff how to see your property from the customer's point of view and immediately build lasting rapport with them. By being aware of all the amenities and luxuries that your property and the surrounding area has to offer, connecting them to your guests expectations and taking ownership for every customer interaction, your employees will create legendary customer experiences. Your staff will learn that every customer service interaction is an opportunity to deliver a legendary customer experience for each and every guest, ensuring repeat business and lasting loyalty.

Our Customer Experience Edge will help you shift from a tactical service training plan to an experiential strategy.

Here are some differences in our approach:

   Tactical Approach

   Experiential Approach

   Answer phone in 3 rings

  Welcoming tone, warm greeting

   Verify guest data on registration

  Discover guest's needs and interests to help
  them maximize their experience

   Is there anything else I can do
   for you?

  Promote products and benefits through

Create legendary customer experiences throughout your entire hotel.

Customer Experience Edge is designed to engage your entire team to consistently create ARTful customer experiences by delivering legendary service. What is ARTful? Signature Worldwide's dynamic customer service training that focuses on the core customer service skill areas:

  • Awareness
  • Relationships
  • Taking ownership.

Signature Worldwide's customer experience assessment team will consult with your organization to create training solutions for your staff to achieve one or more of the following goals:

  • Increase customer satisfaction ratings
  • Achieve advanced industry quality ratings
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Manage a cultural change

We begin each program with a stakeholder's meeting.  Our objective is to ensure buy in from key personnel as well as a thorough understanding and agreement of objectives.  This step ensures that the guest experience will be consistent from department to department.

Onsite training that is engaging, dynamic and consistent property-wide.

After an initial kick off service celebration, we conduct two to four hour small group sessions for every guest touch point - from hello to goodbye.

In addition to teaching service skills, our goal is to build the confidence of your staff to deliver legendary guest experiences without the safety net of a "script" to follow.

By teaching employees techniques and strategies for promoting customer loyalty, Customer Experience Edge not only improves employee satisfaction and retention, but is the key to increasing revenue.

Customer experience training that sticks.

Our initial broadstrokes training is only the beginning.  We introduce concepts, then measure results.  We then drill down to more job and task specific, and then measure results.  We have a continual process of advancing training and measurement.

Our measurement strategies include onsite mystery shoppers, telephone mystery shopping and guest surveys.

We make managing the process easy for your managers because we provide ongoing account management.  We analyze the measurement results, search for areas of opportunity and develop a plan to continually improve the customer experience.  Our clients know they have a true training partner in Signature Worldwide.

Ready for results from this dynamic and organization-wide customer experience training program?

One Customer Experience Edge client achieved a coveted four-diamond rating and increased sales 24 percent in 18 months. Contact us to find out how Customer Experience Edge can make the difference.

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