Client-Centered Sales for Hotels

Improve relationship sales skills with Signature Worldwide’s
Client-Centered Sales™ program designed specifically for the hotel sales person.




Our most popular sales training program, Client-Centered Sales is all about increasing revenues by communicating better and advancing sales relationships.  Training for sales should always include customer service sales training, and our program improves both skill sets.

A comprehensive sales training program that gives your hotel sales team the skills to drive results.

Hearing is believing. Prior to sales training, your sales team will be mystery shopped.

The calls are recorded and scored which creates a performance baseline. More importantly, your sales team will be able to hear themselves and how they sound to potential customers. This creates a desire for improvement.

A relationship sales training class that creates consultative, results-driven hotel sales professionals.

This exciting, interactive, consultative sales training program teaches your sales team to:

  • Establish tactical sales call objectives
  • Package features into true benefit statements
  • Respond to customer objections
  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Gain commitment

Through Signature Worldwide's proprietary training process, salespeople learn to act as consultants, build strong relationships and stand out from their competition.  Each class has a skill discovery component, relevant best practices, role-playing and engaging, thought-provoking discussions.

Client-centered sales training that sticks.

The day after almost any training, your sales team will want to use their newly acquired relationship selling skills, but more often than not, they fall back into their old habits. Not with Signature.

Our follow-up program ensures your sales people fully understand their skills and are also putting them into practice, long after the class has ended.

Web classrooms, one-on-one coaching and ongoing mystery shopping ensures your sales team uses their new skills.

After training, we will bring your team back together in a web classroom setting.

It is both time and cost effective. During this highly interactive session, your team will share successes and challenges, agree on best practices and continue to practice the Client-Centered sales process.

Your sales team members receive a recorded and scored mystery shop after training.  They are assigned a coach who reviews the mystery shop with them, identifies areas for improvement and practices with them to establish a continuous sales improvement process. This is their personal sales coach. It's okay to risk failure and ask questions with their coach so they avoid doing it with their customer.

We make it easy for you to manage the ongoing sales development process.

What's the best way to ensure sales skills are being fully utilized? Pretend to be a customer and record the results! While very few of our clients have the time or the personnel to do this, Signature Worldwide's Client-Centered Sales includes a mystery shopper service.

We have contact-center agents who will make mystery shopping sales calls to your newly trained sales team members.  You can see and hear how your sales representatives are interacting with your potential customers and how they are trending over time.  We have found this ongoing program to be most effective at helping your organization make more sales and increase market share.

Make the customer first with Client-Centered Sales™ - contact us online today to learn more!