Call Center Edge

Uncover customers’ true needs with Call Center Edge™ reservations training.



Deliver unforgettable phone-based customer experiences that cinch a commitment when you train employees with Signature Worldwide's Call Center Edge™ training program. Different than any other telephone sales training program of its kind, Call Center Edge teaches reservation center agents how to delight customers, have fun, and ring up more sales in the process.

More than customer service training, we turn your call center agents into hotel sales people.

Call centers have unique needs.  Agents may be selling one destination or several.  If you are looking to differentiate your staff from the competition, Signature Worldwide can help. By training your call center agents to ask the right questions of your potential customers, they can better identify what is important to the callers. Once uncovered, your staff will be in a better position to service the guests and respond positively to specifically what is important to that caller. Finally, we will teach your staff to think like sales professionals and ask for the business. The results are increased sales and better customer service from your call center.

Customer Service and Sales Training designed specifically for call centers.

At the end of our first day of training, your reservations agents have the confidence to act on any guest request. Through our engaging training process, customer service representatives realize that by engaging the guest and acting immediately on requests, they can help the guest while creating lasting customer satisfaction. Your agents feel more like service providers than problem solvers. What could that mean for customer service scores and conversion rates?

Through a variety of techniques, including role-playing, employees will learn when, how and why to:

  • Establish customer rapport
  • Identify customer needs
  • Act on customer requests in a service-minded manner
  • Handle challenging situations.


Call center customer service training that lasts.

The day after almost any training, your staff will want to use their newly acquired skills, but more often than not, fall back into their old habits. That's why Signature Worldwide's program continues long after our trainer leaves your hotel.

Immediately after training, our coaches begin making calls to your reservations agents, allowing them to practice their new skills. Once a comfort level is established, Signature Worldwide begins making telephone mystery shopping calls. A few months later, our trainer returns to your hotel to reinforce the skills learned and raise your staff to the next level in customer service delivery.

Average Length of Stay 2
=Average Daily Rate $100
=Average Revenue per Reservation $200
x Additional Reservation per day 2
=Additional Revenue per day $400
x Active Selling Days per Year 365
Total Revenue $146,000


We have more than 100 contact center agents who will make mystery shopping calls to your reservations departments. We will record and score those calls. Signature Worldwide makes it easy for you to manage the process because we make the results available online. You can see and hear how your call center service employees are interacting with your potential guests. We have found this ongoing program to be the most effective at helping your hotel continually increase the levels of customer service.

Ongoing telephone mystery shopping calls ensure your call center customer service providers use their skills long after our training.

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